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Office of Student Success:

Meet with a Success Coach
Attend a SORTS seminar

Additional Tutoring On Campus:

Davis College Tutoring (Bio, Chem, Math, AVS, ANS, Physiology)
Math Learning Center
Engineering Learning Center
Business Resource Learning Center
Chemistry Learning Center
Computer Science Open Lab
Philosophy Tutoring
Writing Studio
testWELL (multi-subject tutoring)
Statistics Tutoring

Academic Resource Centers/Tutoring

The Academic Resource Centers are free and open to all WVU students.
NEW FOR SPRING 2017: We offer drop-in tutoring (with no appointment needed) for Math, Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Appointments will be available any other courses offered! More details below.

The ARCs open the 2nd week of classes and end on the last day of classes each semester.
Our centers are certified through CRLA.

ARCs are closed when school is not in session. (i.e. holidays, spring and fall breaks)

DIRECTIONS TO OUR TUTORING CENTERS: Brooke Tower / Downtown Library / Evansdale Library

ARC Hours of Operation

Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

Drop-in Tutoring is Available:
Evansdale Library ARC, Downtown Library ARC, and Brooke Tower ARC from 6:00-9:30 pm Sunday- Thursday for Math, Chem, Bio, and Physics.
WVUp All Night from 6:00-9:30pm on Friday for Math and Saturday for Chemistry

Details on the schedule below.

Tutor Schedule Spring 2017

The last day for Drop-in Tutoring for the Spring 2017 semester is Thursday, April 27th. Appointments will be available on a limited basis through Finals Week.

Requesting Tutoring Appointments

Appointments are available Monday-Friday from 12:00pm-6:00pm in the Downtown and Evansdale Library ARCs. Please note that a minimum of 24 hours notice is required to schedule an appointment. Every attempt will be made to schedule your appointment and respond back within 1 business day, but during busy times it may take up to 3 business days to respond. Scheduled appointment notifications will be sent to your MIX email account. Appointments are limited to 1 hour for each subject each week. i.e. You can schedule 1 appointment for Chem AND 1 for Psyc in the same week, but not 2 appointments for your CHEM class. Drop-in tutoring is unlimited so you may visit during those times as often as you like.

Even if you do not see your course listed as an offered course for this semester, please submit the request. In some instances, we may not have a tutor on staff who can tutor your course. We will reach out to other departments in an attempt to find a tutor for you. However, because we cannot guarantee that we will find a tutor, it is highly recommended that you reach out to your instructor or TA for additional help.

Students who do not show up for their tutoring appointment will be prohibited from scheduling future appointments. Please keep in mind that tutors only work if they have an appointment scheduled. Therefore, cancellations that occur with less than 24 hours notice could be treated as a no-show at the discretion of the tutor coordinator.

Appointment Request Form

Courses available for Tutoring- Spring 2017